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While Janet got up for a bathroom break Shirley wanted me to work on her low back pain. I discovered that Shirley had an Anterior Pelvic Tilt. I massaged the muscles on the top of her pelvis in the back and then had her turn over onto her back. I then used the Cranial Sacral  Therapy maneuver to assist her pelvis in getting back into proper alignment. Shirley was AMAZED that in approximately 5 minutes that her low back pain was GONE. read more…

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During her second appointment I tweaked her Pectoralis muscles and worked her upper back to tone the previously over stretched muscles. I worked her arms well as they directly attach to her Pectoralis muscles. After giving her a full body massage she got dressed. When she came out of the bathroom she was all smiles. She was fully standing straight for the first time in several years. She gained at least six inches in height. She was ecstatic. She wanted to know if there was anything that could be done with the low back pain. read more…

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